International Congress of Young Medical Scientist (ICYMS)

For the 14th time, ICYMS offers participants a unique opportunity for an international scientific exchange! The congress aims to give young and talented researchers from all over the world, not only possibilities to present their achievements, share their ideas and views, but also to take part in professionally organized workshops and courses where they can meet other gifted and enthusiastic young researchers who share their fascination for medical knowledge. The setting for the Congress is Poznan, a city teeming with life, placed in the heart of Wielkopolska Region, famous for its trade, industry, business and, most of all its academic traditions. Poznan University of Medical Sciences is considered the best medical university in Poland, and has always been a forum for well-developed scientific activity of the highest European level in the field of medical research. Furthermore, Poznan is a beautiful place to visit- it joins monuments and old traditions with modern values. Additionally, our amazing social program will give you an opportunity to sense this unique atmosphere of Poznan, and to explore its breathtaking nightlife! The dates for the congress is the 9-10/5 2014


Sending abstracts via e-mail:

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The abstract guidelines:
• only abstracts submitted in English will be reviewed
• abstracts must contain no more than 300 words
• abstracts must include the names of the author, co-authors, tutor and the institution
• abstracts should contain an introduction, material and methods, results and conclusions
• abstract must not contain tables, graphics or pictures
• if you use abbreviations make use of standard ones

Sessions during our Congress:
1. Internal Medicine and Clinical Oncology
2. Neurology, Neuropsychiatry and Neurosurgery,
3. Paediatrics and Neonatology,
4. Basic Life Science,
5. Public Health,
6. Gynecology and Obstetrics,
7. General and Oncological Surgery,
8. Dermatology and Sexually Transimitted Diseases,
9. Orthopedics, Physiology and Sports Medicine,
10. Cardio-, Thoracic- and Vascular Surgery,
11. Cardiology and Hypertension,
12. Pharmacy,
13. Head and Neck Diseases, Dentistry,
14. Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine,
15. Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

ICYMS 2014 Organizators